Hey, I’m Laura

I’m a mum, a blogger and an author with two published planners. The Positivity Planner and the Plant Planner. I’m also the founder of the blog Those Positive Plants.

My goal behind this blog is to help ambitious women make money online and build lives they love.

Here we talk about reaching your goals, creating a profitable blog or business and becoming your best self.

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My story so far

laura bailey blog

2016: Started blogging. Sharing personal growth and lifestyle advice. Originally called “Those Positive Thoughts”.

2017: Monetised my blog through adverts, affiliate links and selling digital products.

2019: Created a second blog called Those Positive Plants. To share all things plant and gardening related.

2020: Created and published two planners, the Positivity Planner and the Plant Planner

2021: Gave birth to my son.

2023: Changed the name of my blog and shifted my focus to helping ambitious women make money online and build the lives they love.

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